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Self defence

Kickboxing  has been perfected over the years into a highly effective and easy to learn fighting concept. It is undoubtedly one of the best self defence systems you will encounter.

Flexibility training

Stretching is included in every session and  you will slowly increase your level of flexibility. Supple muscles help us  move faster and more efficiently.

Cardio training

Kickboxing is a cardio-based form of exercise. You will train at a pace which will raise your heart rate and in time help you increase your stamina and lose weight.

Strength training

During the training  session, you  will work on developing your body strength using exercises that will increase  muscle power and  effectiveness. 

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Guildford Spectrum

Every Thursday 7-8pm,
Arena A,
Guildford Spectrum,


Every Monday 7-8pm,
Merrow Junior School,
Sheeplands Avenue,

There are three payment methods for our classes:

  • Once a week training per month = £40.00 (training at either venue)
  • Unlimited training per month = £45.00 (training at any venue) – this works out at a little over £5.00 per class!
  • Pay per session - please speak to the instructor in class
  • Family discount can be offered when paying jointly – please contact us for further information

Annual Martial Arts Insurance   This should be offered by all martial arts classes as a level of cover. The insurance is renewable with the club each year.   The annual price for this is £25 per year and your first years cover also includes your record of achievement booklet to record any seminars, specialist courses and grading’s you may wish to attend

Please contact me using the below email address and remember to include your name, email address, telephone number and message:

What people are saying...

Are you bored of going to your local gym or swimming pool? I know of many people who would like to start a martial art but are scared about trying it, this is the place for you. I started training in kickboxing in February 2016 and have really enjoyed it from the first class. I am training to be a stunt performer and kickboxing has really developed my flashy, high, spinning kicks that I need for Television and Film sets but it has also given me more confidence in street self defence.  

Steve - Green belt

I started taking kickboxing classes with Roz in October 2010, having become dissatisfied with a previous martial arts class and looking for something that would challenge me and build my skills. From the outset, I wasn’t disappointed; as the youngest in the class, I found myself training with older teenagers and adults of varying levels, ranging from beginners like me right up to black belts. However, the attentive and personalised support I was given made sure I was practising the techniques correctly and learning new skills effectively. This level of personal support provided to myself and every other member, which for a class of so many people was quite remarkable, has remained a constant throughout my five years of training with Roz, and has been a vital factor in my development from taking a nervous first class to achieving my 1st Dan black belt in March this year.

Chris - Black belt (1st Dan)

Through Roz’s expert level of knowledge not only about kickboxing, but also multiple martial arts as well as fitness and physical wellbeing as a whole, her years of experience within the discipline, and her endless dedication to the development of both the class and her own abilities, I have grown confident in a sport that initially seemed far beyond my reaches. This class has shown me that the sport really is accessible to every sort of person from any sporting background, made so accessible through Roz’s outstanding teaching capabilities and drive. The class has helped me personally to improve exponentially my physical health, my self-confidence, and my own sense of self-worth, as well as providing me with a close-knit group of friends with a shared determination to work as a group to collectively be the best we can be, both inside and outside of class.

John - Black belt (1st Dan)